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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sex offender jailed in address mixup

Original Article

CHESTER -- A sex offender from Connecticut spent several days in Warren County Jail because of a computer mixup that resulted in local police believing he had not properly registered as a sex offender.
(Name Withheld), 51, was charged July 25 with failure to register as a sex offender, based on a warrant that has been pending in Warren County for nearly two years.
That warrant stemmed from the fact Straight moved from a home in Pottersville to Connecticut in November 2010, and the Warren County Sheriff's Office found no evidence he registered his new address, sheriff's Maj. C. Shawn Lamouree said.
He did register as required by law on the 10th day after he moved, but Connecticut officials did not notify their counterparts in New York that he had taken up residence there.
That resulted in the Sheriff's Office getting an arrest warrant for Straight, on which he was arrested after police downstate came across him in an unrelated case.
He was arraigned and jailed, but released Friday when it was determined he had legally registered but Connecticut authorities had failed to note it for more than a month.
Straight is a Level 2 sex offender because of a 1997 sexual assault conviction.

1 comment:

  1. It really seems pathetic that this person had to spend any time in jail. it is even worse that he did in fact follow the law. But yet again here is more proof that a civil issue as the courts claim it is still have criminal penalties. Even funnier is the incompentency of the police. Thye cops fail to do their job and arrest this person. Possibly costing him his job if he was lucky to have one. yet he complied with the law and for two years a warrant was out for him? Simply because the police never forwarded the paperwork. Bet the cops don't have any civil penalties for that.


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